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Complete Master

The image consultant designs and develops a successful personal image for his clients (individuals, image professionals, companies), studying the problems related to the image and finding the solution through different levels of implementation.
This work includes the analysis of physical type and personality, clothing, communication (from voice to expression) and color analysis, up to the construction of the wardrobe appropriate to the profession, age and personality.

The image consultant can also collaborate with beauty centers, companies and agencies that offer consulting services to individuals seeking a successful image.
It is the consultant's task to learn how to enhance an image and make it effective.

    The complete Master for the course of Fashion Image Consultant consists of 55 h

    Both modes are characterized by engaging practical and theoretical online lessons, which are accompanied by the possibility of planning visits to shops and showrooms that will give a plus to the training. It is possible to carry out the theoretical part online or on site.

  • Study plan

    Il programma del corso di Fashion Image Consultant (Master Completo), fornisce una preparazione specifica su:

    - The history of the image and hints of non-verbal communication
    - The importance of the image in our society
    - How to build an effective image; Dress code pro and events / activities
    - Symbology of colors
    - Colorimetry; Chromatic types (identify the seasons);
    - Study of the harmonies between make-up / hair types and colors
    - Study of morphologies and their corrections
    - How to correct the details of the silhouettes
    - Study of accessories
    - How to choose the jewels
    - The perfume according to the personality
    - The fabrics: hints and materials
    - Study of the different personalities: 10 styles
    - The harmonies between the styles
    - The harmonies between the colors of the clothing
    - The basics, the essentials of the wardrobe according to your needs seasons
    - Clothing vocabulary
    - Cuts according to the morphology of the face
    - Hair styling
    - Wardrobe inventory and shopping optimization
    Job simulation (20 hours of practice): how to apply the method of Real in-store sessions and exercises
    - Final project

    + Extra hours of practice in the field package:
    1. 10 hour package
    2. 20 hour package


    The main requirements for accessing the educational path are the age of majority and a high school diploma of any address. The candidate will then be evaluated through a motivational interview.


    Diploma di Qualifica Professionale*
    Attestato Certificato Internazionale **

    *I Percorsi di studio sono accreditati da Regione Lombardia in base all’accordo Stato/Regione. Viene rilasciato un Attestato di Qualifica Professionale con logo di Regione Lombardia valido in Italia, Europa e per titoli e gradi nel resto del mondo, in quanto qualifica riconosciuta attraverso il sistema EQF (European Qualification Framework - Quadro Europeo delle Qualifiche).

    **Attestato Certificato con valore legale Internazionale (UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 settore EA37) che identifica lo standard della formazione ed istruzione riconosciuta a livello qualitativo.