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Collective Master

The Tailor is a craftsman/woman capable of making a suit by intervening in all stages of the work: in fact, he/she is a very complex activity, which begins with customer assistance in choosing the model. He/she takes care of the elaboration of the model as well as the cutting of the fabric, taking the measurements and making the necessary corrections, such as sewing, finishing and ironing. At the same time, he/she is ready to make hems, create pockets or tailor the different parts of the suit. The Tailor undoubtedly occupies an important role in the production phase of fashion garments, both in the free profession and in the industrial sector. That of the tailor remains a figure that is always in great demand by the market and that acquires value with experience, even more useful if gained in multiple contexts.

The Tailoring Course is a short course that aims to teach the tailoring and convey the ability to create women's clothing.


    The Master for the Basic Tailoring course consists of 72 h

    The course is fully customizable according to your availability and those of the teachers.

  • Study plan

    The tailoring course program provides specific preparation on:
    - Technique, base and pattern, sewing
    - Using the sewing machine
    - Hand and machine stitching
    - Basic skirt
    - Straight skirt packaging
    - Fancy skirts explanations
    - Basic bodice
    - Collars and cuffs
    - Blouse packaging
    - Explanation of various sleeves
    - Basic trousers
    - Simple trouser packaging
    - Pockets explanation
    - Straight dress explanation
    - Patterned skirt packaging
    - Patterned blouse packaging
    - Suit explanation
    - Final project


    The main requirements for accessing the educational path are the age of majority and a high school diploma of any address. The candidate will then be evaluated through a motivational interview.

  • certifications

    Diploma di Qualifica Professionale*
    Attestato Certificato Internazionale **

    *I Percorsi di studio sono accreditati da Regione Lombardia in base all’accordo Stato/Regione. Viene rilasciato un Attestato di Qualifica Professionale con logo di Regione Lombardia valido in Italia, Europa e per titoli e gradi nel resto del mondo, in quanto qualifica riconosciuta attraverso il sistema EQF (European Qualification Framework - Quadro Europeo delle Qualifiche).

    **Attestato Certificato con valore legale Internazionale (UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 settore EA37) che identifica lo standard della formazione ed istruzione riconosciuta a livello qualitativo.