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Three-year course

The Fashion Design is the core of the fashion system, but pure and simple talent is no longer enough nowadays as we no longer create only clothes, but also lifestyles. The Stylist also must get to know the history, in order to have the right sensitivity towards the future, modeling and tailoring, textile products, production, trend research techniques and creation of moodboards, graphics programs for fashion, marketing and communication.

He/she must be both a Stylist and an Artistic Director, to be able to supervise all phases, from the design idea to the finished product.
Our stylist can therefore create his own brand and his own team or collaborate with fashion designers, those who deal with fabrics and materials, the pattern maker, the product office, the communication and marketing representatives, offices press and editorial staff, showrooms or models, photographers and all the technical staff for shooting and fashion shows.

    From Monday to Friday - Hours: from 9:00 to 13:00

    The three-year course, divided into classroom lessons, laboratory, educational outputs and field activities, provides a specific and complete preparation. Also the meetings and seminars held with stylists, art directors, fashion editors, managers and other professionals in the sector, on site or in studios and ateliers, are a fundamental and precious part of the academic career.

  • Study plan

    I Anno

    - Theory of Color
    - Drawing and Human Figure
    - Storia del Costume
    - Storia della Moda Contemporanea
    - History of Fashion and Costume
    - Cultura e Merceologia Tessile
    - Moodboard
    - Fashion Design
    - Modellistica 1 e Sartoria 1
    - Graphic Design 1

    II Anno

    - Visual and Visual Communication
    - Semiotica dell'Arte e dell’Abbigliamento
    - Graphic Design 2
    - Coolhunting
    - Modellistica 2 e Sartoria 2
    - Collezioni
    - Workshop

    III Anno

    - Fashion English
    - Fashion Business
    - Sustainable Fashion
    - Collezioni: Capsule Collection – Focus prodotto – Coordinamento Collezioni
    - Modellistica 3 e Sartoria 3
    - Creazione Portfolio e Tesi – Progetto di Collezione finale

    ESAME FINALE con commissione esterna:
    esame scritto e discussione orale Tesi


    The main requirements for accessing the educational path are the age of majority and a high school diploma of any address. The candidate will then be evaluated through a motivational interview.


    Diploma di Qualifica Professionale*
    Attestato Certificato Internazionale **

    *I Percorsi di studio sono accreditati da Regione Lombardia in base all’accordo Stato/Regione. Viene rilasciato un Attestato di Qualifica Professionale con logo di Regione Lombardia valido in Italia, Europa e per titoli e gradi nel resto del mondo, in quanto qualifica riconosciuta attraverso il sistema EQF (European Qualification Framework - Quadro Europeo delle Qualifiche).

    **Attestato Certificato con valore legale Internazionale (UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 settore EA37) che identifica lo standard della formazione ed istruzione riconosciuta a livello qualitativo.