Three-year course

The course of Fashion Design has a duration of 3 years and aims to train young professionals who can design and implement their own clothing collection ideas, collaborate with other designers or work for companies in the industry as fashion consultants. It also provides the culture, sensitivity and all the technical and creative skills to enter the Fashion System.

The course program includes in-depth study of the evolution of the fashion world, complete analysis of the production of a garment, study of the main methods of trend research, creation of moodboards, focus on sustainable fashion and visual communication. Upon completion of the Fashion Design course, each student will be able to design his or her own collection and will have an internationally valid certification.

The Fashion Designer must be Designer and Art Director at the same time, in order to supervise all stages: from the design idea to the finished product. He or she can then create his or her own brand and team or collaborate with fashion designers, fabric and material people, the pattern maker, the product office, communication liaisons and marketing, with press offices and editorial offices, with showrooms or with models, photographers and all technical staff for shoots and fashion shows...

The Fashion Design Course of Milan aims to provide theoretical knowledge, technical and methodological skills in order to work in the world of fashion and luxury. From the very first day of the course, all students will be closely supervised by teachers and will be able to deal with a very stimulating context. In addition, thanks to the relationship that IFDA has with companies and institutions in the Lombardy area, they will have the opportunity to participate in numerous extra-curricular projects and to carry out practical internships, with the possibility of placement on the staff, at some of the large fashion houses present in the city of Milan. The entire Milan's Fashion Design Course is structured to ensure, at the end of the three-year period, independent careers for all trainees as Fashion Designer, Fashion Graphic Designer, Product Developer, Product Manager, Cool Hunter, Fashion Illustrator. 87% of students who take the IFDA course enter the workforce.

The main requirements for accessing the educational path are the age of majority and a high school diploma of any address. The candidate will then be evaluated through a motivational interview.
Admission is determined by an interview in which you will present a motivational letter describing what motivates you to undertake this course of study. Once you have passed the admission interview, the school office will contact you to provide you with all the information you need to enroll.

Inizio: Ottobre 2024 – Fine: Giugno 2025
La frequenza è obbligatoria per almeno l’80% delle ore totali previste dal programma, utili a ricevere l’attestazione finale. Le lezioni frontali si svolgono in sede dal Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 13.00, ci si potrà fermare a studiare in sede, per proseguire con gli elaborati, nei laboratori, in biblioteca e per seguire progetti interaziendali oltre l’orario accademico.


√ Professional Qualification Diploma *
√ International Certificate **

*The Study Paths are accredited by the Lombardy Region in accordance with the State / Region. Is issued a Certificate of Professional Qualification with logo of the Lombardy Region valid in Italy, Europe and for titles and degrees in the rest of the world, as a qualification recognized through the EQF (European Qualification Framework).
**Attestato Certificato con valore legale Internazionale (UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 settore EA37 e EA35) che identifica lo standard della formazione ed istruzione riconosciuta a livello qualitativo.