The figure of Fashion Brand Manager takes care of all commercial aspects related to a brand to create value for the brand itself or for a product, increasing sales and thus company turnover through qualitative and quantitative analysis with reference to competitors in the market. Thus, he is an intermediary between customers (brand set-up and distribution strategy) and the manufacturing company, whose commercial-related aspects he takes care of so that they are suitable for sales within their target markets and any strategies for brand evolution/expansion. Specifically, the Brand Manager plans marketing operations, distribution set-up for various markets, wholesale distribution of showroom sales during sales campaigns, and monitoring of retail (point-of-sale) sales with related feedback to the manufacturing company; identifies customers and target markets; sets showroom appointments and is always in contact with customers before and after various campaigns. But that is not all, the Fashion Brand Manager is always clear about the commercial aspect of the brand's collection: product merchandise, contribution to the development of the style and production area, timing and cost of the product for entry into the target market. Often intervenes in sales campaigns, monitoring and giving feedback on the sales themselves, to solve any product-related issues, propose solutions to improve sales performance.

From the very first day of the course, the student will be closely and exclusively supervised by the instructor and will be able to deal with a very stimulating environment and have a direct and exclusive relationship along with personalized training.

The main requirements for entering the course are the age of majority and a high school diploma of any major.

The Master's Specialization in Fashion Brand Manager is developed in 60 hours, totally customizable based on the enrollee's availability in agreement with the instructor. The one-to-one mode is characterized by engaging practical and theoretical lectures, complemented by the possibility of planning visits to stores and showrooms that will give a plus to the training.

√ Professional Qualification Diploma*
√ International Certificate **

*The Study Paths are accredited by the Lombardy Region in accordance with the State / Region. Is issued a Certificate of Professional Qualification with logo of the Lombardy Region valid in Italy, Europe and for titles and degrees in the rest of the world, as a qualification recognized through the EQF (European Qualification Framework).
**Certificate issued with international legal value (UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 settore EA37 e EA35) which identifies the standard of training and education recognised at a qualitative level.